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Customer Experience News 115: Service Safari, Journey Mapping, WOM & CEO’s

Alex Allwood CEO, Customer Experience, Customer Experience News, Customer Journey Mapping

#GrowthHack: Service Safari Starts the Journey (2min)
This week, Alex Allwood explains how a ‘service safari’ can be utilised to engage cross functional groups at the very start of the customer journey mapping process.

How to Get Your Customers Talking About You (3min)
From Forbes this week, top tips from 11 customer experience experts on what companies must do this coming year to get their customers talking about their experience – in a good way.

Does Your CEO Spend Enough Time with Customers? (2-3min)
And how much time is enough?  Kathy Lord, Senior VP Sales & Customer Success at Sage Intacct shares a few of the key principles the best CEO’s in her experience live by when it comes to understanding their customers.

In the News (2min)
In a win for customer experience transformation, Woolworths group has reported stronger sales, earnings and customer scores on the back customer-led turnaround plans – particularly in the in supermarket division.