The Quickbite

Customer Experience News 121: Bridging Silos, CXM Trends & Professional Development

Alex Allwood ALEX ALLWOOD, Customer Experience, Customer Experience News, CXPA

Changing the Silo Status Quo (3min)
In Oracle’s SmarterCX this week, Alex Allwood’s feature article explains why customer empathy is the key to bridging organisational silos that impede customer experience efforts and how empathy enables a unified, cross-functional approach to improving customer experience.

From CXM Status Quo to CXM Flow (4min)
CX expert Lynn Hunsaker analyses the findings from a number of leading customer experience studies and writes for CXPA on the current state of customer experience management and the future trends all CX professionals should be aware of.

Taking Control of Your Destiny (2-3min)
To mark this week’s CXPA annual CX Day, this article from CustomerThink shifts the focus from customers to practitioners and outlines the five ways CX professionals can take control of their own growth and development.