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Customer Experience News 122: Gartner B2B Journeys, Southwest Airlines, Culture & Forrester

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Gartner on the B2B  Customer Journey (2-3min)
Latest research from Gartner shows the widely-held assumption that B2B customer journeys are linear is fundamentally flawed. This article from Forbes uses the Gartner findings to illustrate what a B2B buyer journey really looks like.

How Southwest Airlines Retains CX Leadership (2-3min)
You must be delivering exceptional customer experience when customers are tattooing your logo on their bodies! Southwest’s senior director of innovation, design and entrepreneurship, Heather Figallo, shares the strategies behind the budget airline’s ongoing CX leadership.

HBR on Ways to Build a Customer-Centric Culture (3min)
With the CMO Council reporting that “only 14% of marketers say that customer centricity is a hallmark of their companies.” this article from HBR details the six steps business leaders should be taking to build a customer-centric culture in their organisation.

In the News (2min)
Using latest research from Forrester, this infographic from Adweek shows how CMOs are taking the lead in driving collaboration across their organisations and seizing the CX agenda to drive both business and brand metrics.