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Customer Experience News 125: Customer Segmentation, CLV, and Monetizing NPS

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Customer-Centric Hack: Customer Segmentation for CX Mapping (2min)
In this week’s post Alex Allwood argues that using Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) to segment high value customers focuses attention on the journeys that will deliver the best return on investment for the most profitable customer relationships.

How to Nurture Your Customer Advocates (3-4min)
It’s one thing to identify your customer advocates, but how best to nurture them? Using six real-life case studies, this article shows how businesses such as Cisco, Dell EMC and Pearson are leveraging customer relationships in creative ways that benefit the bottom line.

Customer Understanding = Efficiency (2-3min)
Global head of customer operations at Pintrest, Dutta Satadip, shares his experiences of overcoming ‘project overload’; reducing employee workloads and increasing efficiency through better understanding the needs of customers.

Monetizing Your NPS (3min)
This blog post argues that effectively pairing Net Promoter Score data with financial data sets can lead to increased revenues, decreased costs and improved business performance, and asks the question ‘What does it mean to monetize NPS?’