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Customer Experience News 127: Top 5 Marketing Trends, Design Thinking Case Study & Qualtrics

Alex Allwood ALEX ALLWOOD, CMO, Customer Experience News, DESIGN THINKING, Marketing

2019 Top 5 Marketing Trends for CMOs (3min)
As the year draws to a close this timely article from Forbes details the top five marketing trends that will impact CMO’s in 2019. From the ’emotion economy’ to storytelling, empathy and digital tech investment – it’s all about the customer.

Design Thinking Case Study (4-5min)
A terrific case study from Stanford Social Innovation Review that explains in detail how Human-Centred and System-Minded design principles can be utilised together to help solve complex organisational (system) and individual ‘customer’ (human) problems.

In the News (1-3min)
There’s no doubting the value of collecting and utilising customer data to inform experience design, with German database giant SAP announcing this week a $US8 billion deal to acquire ‘experience management’ company Qualtrics. There’s a link in the article to an earlier piece on how Qualtrics co-founder and CEO Ryan Smith makes his own customers happy.