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Customer Experience News 131: Organisations of the Future, NPS & Business Leaders Survey

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The ‘Organisation of the Future’ is Already Here (4min)
A common theme at the recent 2018 Global Peter Drucker Forum was the rise of large scale, ‘post-bureaucratic’ organisations and how they have successfully adapted to a marketplace characterised by rapid change, increasing complexity and a shift in power to the customer.

When NPS Compromises Customer Experience (2-3min)
CX expert Jim Tincher argues that incentivising employees for positive NPS scores can often be counterproductive from a customer experience perspective, and suggests three alternatives to ‘bribing’ employees for better scores.

In the News (2min)
Reported in ABC news online is a recent KPMG survey of a broad cross section of Australian executives, identifying the major concerns business leaders have heading into 2019.