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Customer Experience News 139: Mapping Mantras, VoC, CX Pro Skills & Customer Listening

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CX Insight – 3 Mapping Mantras (1min)
In this week’s CX Insight Alex Allwood shares her ‘3 Mapping Mantras’ to help CX enthusiasts focus their energies and efforts in 3 critical areas of Customer Journey Mapping. 

VoC, CXM & Analytics – Making the Connection(2-3min)
This article from CMS Wire defines Voice of Customer, Customer Experience Management and Customer Analytics and explains both the connections and the nuanced differences between them.

5 Essential Skills for CX Professionals(2min)
Writing for CXPA, customer experience expert Aimee Lucas from Qualtrics XM Institute, (formerly Tempkin Group), outlines the five essential skills CX pros require to  effectively drive action within their organisations.

Best-In-Class Customer Listening(3min)
From CustomerThink this article highlights the challenges to effective ‘customer listening’ and identifies the three attributes customer-centric leaders share when incorporating outside-in customer listening into their decision making.