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Customer Experience News 141: The Rise of Customer Journey Managers, McKinsey & CCOs

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CX Insight – The Rise of Customer Journey Managers (1min)
In this week’s CX Insight, Alex Allwood discusses the evolution of the Customer Journey Manager and the increasingly important role Journey Managers play in facilitating cross-functional effort for CX transformation. 

McKinsey on the Next Gen Operating Model(2min)
From developing a high impact, end-to-end customer journey to continuous improvement, here are six key lessons from McKinsey Digital on how to embrace a next generation operating model (NGOM) that will enhance customer experience and deliver significant productivity gains and growth .

Using Behavioural Science to Shape Customer Experience(1-2min)
This article from MyCustomer details how Southwest Airlines made groundbreaking use of behavioural science to create a better experience for customers at a critical stage of their journey.

CCO – Do You Have What it Takes?(3min)
CX leader Lynn Hunsaker shares her ideal job description for a Head of Customer Experience and uses this to clarify what customer experience excellence is all about.