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Customer Experience News 146: Godfather of CX, Customer Empathy, CX Leadership & Best B2B CX

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Wise Words from the Godfather of CX (1min)
In this week’s reflection on CX Leadership, Alex Allwood shares some of Bruce Tempkin’s ‘wise words’ on CX strategy and her thoughts on how leaders can apply these to improve customer experience management.   
Customer Empathy Makes a Mark (1-2min)
Indicative of just how seriously the world’s largest enterprises are taking customer empathy is Pegasystems introduction of new empathy tools to its customer engagement and decisioning platform – using Australia’s Commonwealth Bank as an example of how it works.  
5 CX Leadership Lessons (4-5min)
Speaking at Oracle’s Modern CX 2019 event, Mick Eberling, founder of Not Impossible Labs and one of Fortune’s ‘World’s 50 Greatest Leaders’, shares five key customer experience leadership lessons.  
Ten Best B2B Customer Experiences (1-2min)
From Forbes this week, customer experience futurist Blake Morgan lists her top ten B2B customer experiences and the innovative ways companies are creating customer-first cultures that deliver exceptional customer experience.