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Customer Experience News 147: LinkedIn CX Leadership, Being Human, Dropbox Customer-Centricity & Uber Air

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LinkedIn Lessons on CX Leadership (2min)
In this CX Network interview, Perry Monaco, LinkedIn’s Head of Customer Success (Canada and New Business), shares his insights on the evolution of customer experience and how he believes customer experience leaders can keep ahead of the game.   
Why the Human Touch Matters (2min)
Intention. Effort. Authenticity. Adam Waytz, professor of management, psychologist and author of The Power of Human, explains the three primary ways human contact matters to consumers and how the human touch can imbue experiences with special significance.  
How Dropbox Connects Customer and Culture (1-2min)
Dropbox’s Chief Customer Officer, Yamini Rangan shares her thoughts on connecting customer and culture and how understanding and sharing the customer journey is key to embedding a culture of customer centricity into a company’s DNA.  .  
In the News: Uber Takes to the Skies (1-2min)
If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of travelling to or from Melbourne airport in peak hour, then yesterday’s announcement of Uber Air’s proposal for a ‘flying taxi’ service might just be the answer.