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Customer Experience News 154: Customer Revolution is Coming, Why CX Fails, Marcoms Move to Problem Solving & Top 20 CX Metrics

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Are You Ready for the Revolution? (3min)
Starcom’s Future of Connected Living research report marks 2019 as the start of the ‘Third Connected Era’ in digital living. The report warns of profound changes to consumer behaviour and a dramatic increase in customer experience expectations that most businesses are ill equipped to meet.
Why Customer Experience Programs Fail (2min)
Ryan Smith, founder and CEO of Qualtrics, teams up with his head of CX Strategy Chris Webb, to identify and explain the three critical mistakes they believe organisations are making that can lead to the failure of customer experience programs.
Marcoms Move From Selling to Problem Solving (2min)
This article from Martech argues the modern marketer’s key to success is a customer-centric mindset; taking an agile, outside-in approach to campaigns that shift the focus from ‘How do we sell our customers more stuff?’ to ‘What customer problem are we trying to solve?’ 
Top 20 Customer Experience Metrics (2min)
From First Contact Resolution and Contact Volume By Channel to Visitor Intent and Customer Effort Score, here’s a quick snapshot of the top twenty customer experience metrics you can use in your business to track the performance of your CX strategy.