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Customer Experience News 165: Improve Your NPS, The ‘Experience Factory’, Optus 2020 CX Vision and CX Education

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Alex Allwood CX Observation
How to Improve Your NPS (3min)
Referencing business examples, this HBR article explains how you can improve your NPS. It also shows how surveys conducted across the customer value chain can reveal the gaps and pain points in customer experience and expose the weak links in your company’s experience delivery  .        
Making Your Business an ‘Experience Factory’ (2min)
This the last word on experience. The Godfather of CX, Bruce Tempkin, takes to LinkedIn to explain that experience is “the one and only way humans interface with the world”, why experiences should matter to business and how to create a ‘thriving experience factory’ in your organisation.        
Optus 2020 CX Vision (2-3min)
In another step towards delivering its 2020 CX Vision, Optus has launched a new customer ‘Messaging’ service, designed to augment its ‘always on’ help and support channels and ultimately to put customers in control of their communications with the company.
Business Schools Taking On the CX Challenge (2min)
In a world where relatively few organisations can claim to have achieved  customer experience excellence, it’s no surprise that university business schools have also been slow to introduce CX courses integrated across all relevant curricula – until now.