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Customer Experience News 181: Creating New Customer Value in a Crisis, Forrester Takes Consumer Pulse and Work-from-Home Collaboration

Alex Allwood ALEX ALLWOOD, Customer Empathy, Customer Experience, CX Leadership, CX Strategy, EMPATHY

Creating New Customer Value in a Crisis (2-3min)
Writing for mycustomer’s new content hub, Corporate Social Responsibility During COVID-19, Alex Allwood identifies some of the good, bad and ugly responses to the crisis and argues that organisations acting with courage and leading with empathy will reap the rewards of long term customer and employee loyalty.

Forrester Takes Consumer Pulse (1-2min)
The first in a series of research posts by Forrester, monitoring rapidly changing consumer attitudes and behaviours relating to COVID-19 in the US market, and highlighting the latest consumer trends shaping the cultural and economic climate there.

Effective Collaboration in a Work-From-Home Office (2min)
With so many businesses transitioning to work-from-home, this article from CustomerThink warns of the threat posed to operational effectiveness by weakening interpersonal employee relationships; stressing the importance of building empathy and trust in a virtual office environment.