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Customer Experience News 191: NPS Danger, Interview with SurveyMonkey’s CX Lead and Unthinking & Undoing in Service Design

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Avoiding the Pitfalls of ‘NPS for All’ (3min)
Whilst acknowledging the value of NPS and other customer satisfaction metrics, this article from CustomerThink identifies the dangers of giving NPS goals to every employee in your business and suggests ways in which the negative impacts on organisational culture can be overcome.

Interview with SurveyMonkey’s CX Lead (3-4min)
In this Martech interview, Christine Rimer, VP Customer Experience and Advocacy at SurveyMonkey, discusses her role at the company, how customer experience integrates into SurveyMonkey solutions and how the business has adapted to recent CX changes with new initiatives to stay prepared and enable customers.

UnThinking & UnDoing in Service Design (3-4min)
Innovation in service design is often compromised when organisations look to past success as a guarantee of future performance. This article argues that all companies, large and small, should be thinking and doing differently to meet the challenges of rising customer expectation, reshaped consumer behaviours and rapidly evolving new business models.