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Customer Experience News 198: Expert ‘Building Blocks’ Guide CX Success, Research Reveals ROI of CX and Microsoft Backs Empathy

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Expert ‘Building Blocks’ Guide CX Success (3-4min ea.)
The Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) has created a “CX Building Blocks” series designed to help practitioners establish or strengthen their CX capability. Featuring advice from internationally recognised CX experts, there are 23 topics to choose from with more to come.

Research Reveals ROI of CX in 2020 (4min)
New research from the Qualtrics XM Institute reveals the extent of the positive relationship between customer experience quality and customer loyalty; digging deep to examine the effects that each of the three elements of a customer’s experience (success, effort and emotion) have on four key loyalty behaviours (purchasing more, recommending, forgiving and trusting).

Microsoft Backs Empathy (1-2min)
In this recent LinkedIn post, Kate Johnson, President of Microsoft US, explains why the company chose ’empathy in action’ for their 2020 theme and how building empathetic muscle and exercising it at scale has helped MSUS weather the pandemic storm.