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Customer Experience News 161: The Ripple Effect: What CEOs Value Most, Calculating CX ROI, Top 10 CX Success Stories & Airbus Tracks Toilet Trips

Alex Allwood ALEX ALLWOOD, Customer Experience News, CX, CX Strategy, QUICKBITE

The Ripple Effect: What CEOs Value Most (2min)Alex Allwood writes on the importance of leadership behaviours in shaping an organisation’s customer-centric culture. Using examples from this week’s  news media to demonstrate how few …

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Customer Experience News 107: CX Case Study, CX ROI and Customer Journey Mapping

Alex Allwood Customer Experience, Customer Experience News, Customer Journey Mapping, CX, EMPATHY

Customer Experience Case Study¬†(3min) From GovTech magazine a government sector CX case study with universal relevance; where customer empathy, journey mapping and human-centred design combined to transform an overly complex, …