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Customer Experience News 206: Collaboration: CX Leaders Adopt the ‘No Silo Rule’, Empathetic Leadership Empowering Employees and 7 Deadly Sins of CX Transformation

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Collaboration: CX Leaders Adopt the ‘No Silo Rule’ (1min)
Both Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, have followed the ‘no silo rule’. As Musk wrote to Tesla employees, “We obviously can’t compete with the big car companies in size, so we must do so with intelligence and agility.” His strategy was to resist creating organisational divisions to encourage company-wide communication and collaboration. A short, sharp article that spells out the reasons why.

Leadership: How to Empower Employees (3-45min)
A great lunchtime listen brought to you by IDEO, on leading with empathy and humility. The podcast discusses why listening is more important than speaking, empowering teams to make decisions in the face of uncertainty and establishing a culture of learning. Highly recommended if you’re shifting your leadership style to empower others to lead.

CX Transformation: Avoiding the 7 Deadly Sins (3min)
In this article for MyCustomer, CX heavyweight McKinsey digs into the successes and failures of customer experience transformation. Amongst the seven deadly sins they’ve identified are a lack of CX vision, indifference from the CEO and critically, making assumptions about your customers’ experience. A timely reminder of what’s really important in successful CX Management.