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Customer Experience News 208: Best CX & EX Books 2020-2021, Using Personas to Make CX Sticky and Fake Customer Reviews

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Best CX & EX Books 2020-2021 (5min)
Alex Allwood’s little yellow book, Customer Empathy: A Radical Intervention in Customer Experience Management and Design, has made the list of best Customer & Employee Experience Design Books for 2020 / 2021. The list profiles authors we know and love, such as Micah Solomon, Ignore Your Customer, and a handful of newbies too. A great CX books reference to help kick off your summer reading.

Making CX Sticky Using Personas (2-3min)
Personas are often created with great fanfare but unfortunately not often utilised to their full potential. In this CMO article, the author discusses using personas in customer segmentation, organisational decision making, switching on and scaling customer empathy, and how to operationalise personas. A must read if you’re either reactivating or refreshing your personas for 2021.

Fake Customer Reviews (2-3min)
E-commerce platforms such as Amazon need reviews to help customers make decisions with confidence. Reviews inform search rankings which have a big impact on product visibility and sales. Invariably this leads to sellers manipulating their products’ rankings through fake reviews. A great HBR read on how fake reviews do and don’t work.