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Inspirational Books and Applying Learnings in Customer Empathy

Alex Allwood ALEX ALLWOOD, Customer Empathy, Customer Experience Management, CX Design, CX Management, EMPATHY

In writing my latest book, Customer Empathy: A radical intervention in customer experience management and design, there were four books in particular that helped me shape the narrative and inspired …

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Customer Experience News 208: Best CX & EX Books 2020-2021, Using Personas to Make CX Sticky and Fake Customer Reviews

Alex Allwood ALEX ALLWOOD, Customer Experience, Customer Experience News, CX Design, CX Strategy, EMPATHY, QUICKBITE

Best CX & EX Books 2020-2021 (5min) Alex Allwood’s little yellow book, Customer Empathy: A Radical Intervention in Customer Experience Management and Design, has made the list of best Customer & …