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Customer Experience News 227: Top 10 CX Books, Evolving CXO Role and Best-in-Class Customer Experience

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‘Customer Empathy’ Makes Top 10 CX Books (1min)
A nice little win this week for Alex Allwood! Alex’s latest book, Customer Empathy, has made it onto Lumoa’s list of Top 10 Must-Read CX Books. Check out the list that includes some great Customer Experience reads.

Evolving Role of the CXO (2min)
“Whether or not the role still exists, the work still exists.” An interesting article from the Wall Street Journal on the future of the Chief Experience Officer role. Some in recruiting believe, “the job has the potential to go the way of the chief digital officer role … [becoming] less popular as other parts of the leadership team steadily pick up digital responsibilities.” Others at the CX coalface are embedding human-centred designers into departments across their organisations to create a culture of customer centricity. A must-read for CX leaders.

Can Best-in-Class CX Be Sustained? (2-3min)
Over the past decade, Amazon has delivered best-in-class CX. “It has become ingrained in the consumer psyche as a company that prides itself on reliability, ease of use, speed of service and high-quality customer service.” In this article for MyCustomer, editor Chris Ward explores how brands can challenge Amazon’s dominant CX position.