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Customer Experience News 228: Digital Customer Journeys, Post-Pandemic Momentum & LEGO Innovates with AI

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Digital Customer Journeys the Japanese Way (2min)
A great Forbes article on how Lexus has adapted its digital CX. Starting with deep customer understanding through mapping the end-to-end customer journey, the company identified key communication gaps. Lexus then translated the journey insights into ‘omotenashion‘, the Japanese word for ‘warm hospitality’, helping customers to purchase their next Lexus online.

Keeping the Post-Pandemic Momentum (2-3min)
Many countries are starting to shake off the pandemic shackles. One positive of the pandemic was the sense of urgency and impetus for rapid innovation it created. So what now? Read Bain & Company’s key lessons on how leaders will lead teams to keep innovating and adapting as the crisis fades.

LEGO Empowers Customers to Build with Brickit (2min)
This one from (seriously) is for the LEGO fans. How many random LEGO bricks do you have? Brickit is LEGO’s ‘creativity aid’, a new mobile app for iPhone that uses AI to scan your 1000’s of LEGO pieces and then provides ideas on what to build. A must-have for kids in lockdown!