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Customer Experience News 234: Is CX Replacing Advertising?, Poor CX Costing Trillions in Sales and IDEO on Designing for Impact

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Is CX Replacing Advertising? (2min)
Using big brand examples such as Tesla, Uber, Airbnb and Deliveroo, the author ponders the question on the future of advertising. If these outperforming brands delivering unique experiences are a step ahead of those investing in advertising, will the market shift from advertising to CX innovation over the coming decade? A proposition worth considering.

Poor CX Costs $47 Trillion in Sales (1min)
A quick read summarising the damaging impact of poor CX on sales. In a global study across 18 countries, the Qualtrics XM Institute examined how customers are responding to poor experiences. Their research found, “On average, 34% of consumers report decreasing their spending after a poor experience and 19% report that they’ve completely stopped spending with the company.” Ouch!

IDEO Measuring the Impact of Design? (3min each)
“Design, after all, is only an enabler. At its best, it creates the conditions for learning and building, offering the right tools at the right moment, amplifying the expertise of others, and ceding ownership along the way.” These essays from IDEO distil what it takes to design for impact. We particularly enjoyed the piece on ‘How Design Can Transform Organizations’. A good read with your afternoon coffee.