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Customer Experience News 75: LinkedIn Customer & Culture, Experiential Design, Melbourne Workshop & Super Retail

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How LinkedIn Links Customer & Culture (2-3min)
According to LinkedIn’s VP of Customer Operations, the company’s phenomenal success is driven by a culture where employees at every level of the business are empowered to make decisions for their customers first, and the company second. This article from Forbes explains how culture is defining LinkedIn’s customer experience.

When the 4 P’s are no Longer Enough (4-5min)
In the Experience Economy the old approach to product and service design based on Price, Product, Promotion and Place is no longer enough to guarantee survival. In order to compete effectively (and profitably) companies must take a new approach to experiential design – this is how.

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There are only a couple of places left for our September 12 Customer Journey Mapping Workshop in Melbourne. Learn how to identify your customers’ unmet needs and what they really value when interacting with your business.

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CX Enhances Super Retail’s Performance (2min)
In a challenging retail environment Super Retail Group, (Rebel Sport, Supercheap Auto & BCF), has reported strong profit growth and CEO Peter Birtles sees the keys to future success in continuing to offer customers “inspiring solutions and engaging experiences”.