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Customer Experience News 82: Carnival, Personalisation, Journey Maps and CX Quotes

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Carnival Does a Disney (5-6min)
Carnival has taken a lead from Disney’s MagicBand technology and introduced wearable tech to its 3,500 passenger cruise ship Regal Princess. In this article for Fast Company, the key players behind the move to transform Carnival’s on-board customer experience explain how it works and why it will become the key differentiator for Carnival in a highly competitive market.

10 Customer Journey Maps (5-6min)
From Lancome to Lego, UX designer Doris Wójcicka presents 10 real world examples of Customer Journey Maps, and demonstrates how widely they can differ in their form, level of detail and approach.

Identifying ‘Jobs to be Done’ (2min)
As reported in Business News WA, marketing expert and academic Craig Tapper recently addressed Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) alumni on designing superior customer experiences and the need to first identify customer ‘jobs to be done’.

Short and Sweet (5min)
From Henry Ford to Jeff Bezos; 63 of the world’s greatest business leaders, CX experts, authors and speakers sum up the importance of customer in these quotable quotes.