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Customer Experience News 90: Bendigo Bank, Customer Journey, Sharing the Pain & Telstra

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Bendigo Banks on Customer (3min)
As the Banking Royal Commission kicked off this week a timely reminder from Bendigo Bank, that a long term commitment to customer experience, satisfaction and advocacy has delivered both commercial success and reputational strength in a sector struggling with issues of trust.

Customer Journey the Key to Digital Transformation (3min)
This article from Forbes argues that digital transformation for any business is doomed to fail without understanding their customer’s journey; mapping the journey, perfecting the experience and measuring the results.

Sharing the Pain (3min)
Global customer experience, design and innovation leader Mike Kendall, shares his insights on creating empathy for customers and outlines the four critical ways a business can learn to deeply understand and respond to the problems and pain points customers experience on their journey.

David Thodey on Customer-Centric Culture (3min)
In this interview with ANZ’s Paul Presland, former Telstra boss David Thodey shares his experience – both the challenges and the rewards – of creating a customer-centric culture at Australia’s largest telco.