The Quickbite

Customer Experience News 93: Disney, Design Thinking, Empathy Mapping, Retail CX


How Disney Delivers Exceptional Experience (2min)
Bruce Jones, Senior Director at the Disney Institute, outlines the Disney approach to creating a ‘common purpose’ that inspires the company’s employees to provide exceptional customer experience. Jones also shares a quick case study to illustrate how this works in practice.

Design Thinking for Customer-Centric Solutions (5min)
A fresh look at the concept of Design Thinking and how the process can be used to both define business challenges and develop customer-centric strategies to overcome them. The author makes particular reference to the 4-phase Design Thinking for Growth model proposed by innovation and design experts, Dr. Jeanne Liedtka and Tim Ogilvie.

Empathy Mapping for Differentiated Experience (3min)
A guest post this week from educator and ‘design thinker’ Anne Knock, on how empathy mapping is being used in the education sector to create engaging and differentiated experiences. Anne references CX expert Alex Allwood’s approach to empathy in customer journey mapping for business.

In the News (1min)
An article from the SMH this week on how the most successful retail brands are evolving their in-store customer experience to better connect with customers, and stay ahead of the competition in a highly competitive market.