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Customer Experience News 94: Measuring CX Success, Customer-Centric Culture, Microsoft & Telstra

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How to Measure CX Success (3min)
The success of a customer experience program ultimately depends on the capacity of an organisation’s people to align behind and deliver it. This LinkedIn article by CX thought leader Don Pepper offers some expert advice around measuring and benchmarking organisational customer-centricity.

Creating a Customer-Centric Culture (4min)
An interesting article from business and brand strategist Martin Roll, writing for INSEAD business school on the importance of creating a customer-centric culture. Roll proposes a ‘people-driven and tool-agnostic’ approach and explains in detail what this means in theory and how it can be achieved in practice.

Microsoft’s Winning Transformation (3min)
In this article for Forbes, enterprise-tech expert Bob Evans explains why Microsoft is winning the ‘Cloud Wars’ under CEO Satya Nadella. Critical to the company’s success has been Nadella’s focus on internal transformation; unifying the organisation with a sense of common purpose around how Microsoft ‘shows up’ to support its customers.

In the News (1min)
Far from improving customers’ experience, Telstra’s virtual assistant chatbot ‘Codi’ is reportedly doing the opposite – making so many mistakes that customers are taking to social media in droves to vent their frustration.