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Customer Experience News 102: #GrowthHack, Agile Innovation, Forrester and Vodafone

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#GrowthHack: Being Customer Remarkable (2min)
This week, Alex Allwood writes about her experience mentoring startup business AbleFinder and discusses their approach to problem solving the social challenge of community isolation for families with disabled children.

HBR Advocates Agile (5min)
Customer-led agile innovation is transforming values, principles and practices across an increasingly broad range of industries and functions; accelerating growth and providing a radical alternative to traditional, ‘command-and-control’ management practices. This Harvard Business Review article details the six essential practices business leaders should adopt to capitalise on agile’s potential.

Forrester Names Aussie CX Leaders (3min)
According to Forrester, there are two companies leading the charge locally on customer-centric transformation. This CMO report from CX Sydney 2018 presents Forrester’s views on what has made Kmart and RACQ so successful at connecting with their customers.

Vodafone Connects Customer & Culture (2min)
At Vodafone, the operations team has a critical role to play in delivering positive experiences to over 500 million individual and enterprise customers globally. From Forbes this week, a post on how Vodafone has successfully connected customer and culture by creating a customer-centric ‘Red Line’ identity for its operations team.