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Customer Experience News 117: Empathy, AGL, Customer Journeys & Nike

Alex Allwood Customer Experience, Customer Experience News, CX Strategy, journey mapping

When Empathy Matters Most (2-3min)
A thought provoking article from HBR about one aspect of customer experience that even the most customer-centric organisations may not have adequately planned for.

CX Leadership at AGL (3min)
In CMO this week Melissa Reynolds, Chief Customer Officer at energy provider AGL, shares how the company is building a customer-centric culture and focusing on signature moments in the customer journey.

Customer Journey Lessons Learned (2min)
Customer experience expert Shep Hyken shares the highlights from a real life customer journey and identifies the three key lessons to be learned.

In the News: Nike Takes a Step Too Far? (2min)
Nike may have miscalculated by including controversial NFL player Colin Kaepernick in its ‘Just Do It’ 30 year anniversary campaign as the backlash from customers continues.