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Customer Experience News 119: Customer Conversations, CX Transformation & Slack

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Conversation the Key to Understanding Customers (2min)
According to CX expert Jim Tincher, if you’re not actually talking to customers your journey mapping can be fatally flawed by false assumptions. To illustrate the power of customer conversation he uses a great example of a Levi’s in-home customer interview taken from A. G. Lafley’s book The Game Changer.

3 Reasons Why CX Transformations Fail (2min)
Even the best resourced and best intentioned customer experience programs can fail. If you’re about to embark on a customer experience transformation journey, or are concerned your efforts to date have not been rewarded, this timely article from CX Journey outlines the three core issues that most often lead to failure.

Slack no Slacker When it Comes to CX (2-3min)
Created with customers top of mind, cloud-based collaboration platform Slack is a great example of how customer-first leads to business success. This article from Forbes explains why customers love Slack and details the three ways the company is truly customer-centric.