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Customer Experience News 120: Customer Care, Unconscious Bias & Thomas Cook’s VoC

Alex Allwood ALEX ALLWOOD, Customer Experience, Customer Experience News, CX

Have We Lost the Art of Caring? (2-3min)
Empathetic leadership, argues Alex Allwood, is one of the key factors in driving customer-led organisational change. Using examples from both the public and private sectors, this article illustrates how a lack of empathetic decision making can derail even the best-intentioned innovation efforts.

How Unconscious Bias Can Compromise CX Success (2-3min)
You’re probably familiar with the term ‘unconscious bias’ but have you considered how it can negatively impact your customer experience innovation efforts? This article looks at the two most common biases and the best ways you can overcome them.

Thomas Cook Uses VoC to Fast Track CX (2-3min)
A case study from CX Network on how multinational travel company Thomas Cook has accelerated their CX strategy through VoC. Thomas Cook’s Group Customer Experience Director discusses how the company captures the voice of the customer and utilises feedback to implement change and drive innovation.