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Customer Experience News 161: The Ripple Effect: What CEOs Value Most, Calculating CX ROI, Top 10 CX Success Stories & Airbus Tracks Toilet Trips

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The Ripple Effect
The Ripple Effect: What CEOs Value Most (2min)
Alex Allwood writes on the importance of leadership behaviours in shaping an organisation’s customer-centric culture. Using examples from this week’s  news media to demonstrate how few businesses actually walk-the-talk when it comes to customer experience excellence.       
How to Calculate Customer Experience ROI (3min)
It’s the perennial problem facing CX professionals – how to measure the return on their customer experience investment. In this article from CustomerThink the author, a customer feedback analyst, uses the NPS metric to explain a simple three-step method for analysing the data and measuring the ROI.  
Top Ten CX Success Stories (3min)
We all love a list and here’s one that should strike a chord with CX professionals looking for inspiration. Blake Morgan profiles ten companies that dramatically improved their performance by focusing on customers and investing in their customer experiences.      
In the News – Airbus To Track Toilet Trips (1min)
It’s all part of the Airbus Connected Experience however this latest effort to make commercial airline cabins more ‘digitally aware’ would appear to be more concerned with cost efficiencies than customer experience … you be the judge!