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Customer Experience News 230: Who Will Serve Me, Frictionless Journey vs Memorable Experience and Latest VoC Moves

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Who Will Serve Me? (3-4min)
In this week’s Quickbite, Alex examines the practice of Customer Experience through the lens of her 80-year-old dad who has become all but invisible to his bank, telco and utilities service providers. His low tech fluency and lack of mobile-savviness, has relegated him to a growing group of folk who are marginalised. He asks, who will serve me?

Frictionless Journey vs Memorable Experience (2-3min)
An interesting read that discusses the goal of delivering a frictionless customer journey vs a memorable experience. The authors argue that few organisations can achieve both, with research showing that companies should “choose among four strategies when deciding whether to focus on being frictionless or memorable.”

Keep Up to Date with VoC Moves (2min)
There’s been a flurry of acquisitions in the CX tech market of late. In the past week alone, Voice of Customer and Employee provider, Medallia was acquired for $6.5bn. This followed the announcement that Qualtrics would acquire Clarabridge. Keep up to date on how the VoC market is evolving.