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Customer Experience News 236: Facebook Slammed, Customer-Led Innovation Driving Profit and Save the Date!

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Profits Before People: Facebook Slammed (2min)
This breaking news confirms what we have all suspected, Facebook puts ‘astronomical profits’ over people. Whistleblower Frances Haugen, recently shared thousands of pages of Facebook documents with The Wall Street Journal, “I am here today because I believe Facebook’s products harm children, stoke division and weaken our democracy.” Haugen told the US Senate Commerce Committee. Read the dirty details.

Customer-Led Innovations that Drive Profit (4-5min)
Here’s a customer stat that will stop you in your tracks, ‘up to 15% of customers contribute to the majority of reported profits, and a quarter of this customer group produces the lion’s share of this value’. This HBR article discusses using customer showcase projects to grow and protect elite customers.

Save the Date! (1-2min)
Join Alex and 16 global speakers for the  Ei Evolution Summit next Tuesday, October 12, to discuss human experiences through the lens of emotion, empathy and emotional intelligence. Find out more here.