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Customer Experience News 238: CX Programs – the State of VoC, Top 10 Aussie CX Brands and IKEA & Bad Customer Behaviour

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CX Programs Are Big Hat And No Cattle (3min)
The headline of this good read published in Forbes caught our eye. It aptly sums up the state of VoC. Whilst CX is a priority, 76% say their organisations are not effective at addressing customer feedback. In another study, many leaders believe their ‘CX program is proceeding as it should.’ Our thoughts concur with the author, if you’re not acting on the customer insights then why run the CX programs?

Top 10 Customer Experience Brands in Australia (2min)
Go on, have a peek! According to KPMG’s Customer Experience Excellence report, online beauty brand Mecca tops the list in 2021, with its consistent commitment to customer and employee experience. The report argues that ‘personalisation and empathy are now essential building blocks of a sustainable customer relationship.’

IKEA Employee and Bad Customer Behaviour (2min)
This short but insightful article from Business Insider shares a insider’s view on working in retail in post-pandemic lockdown. As IKEA employees fight for safety in their workplace, the fight is spilling over into the aisles. From the insider’s perspective, ‘the relationship between customers and customer-service workers has been completely broken.’