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Customer Experience News 74: #GrowthHack 6, Airbnb’s Experience Design, Tesla and Lottery’s Campaign Fail

Alex Allwood #GrowthHack, Customer Experience, Customer Experience News

Customer-Centric #GrowthHack 6 (3min)
Alex Allwood’s Customer-Centric GrowthHack this week looks at why customer experience initiatives often fail, the reasons CX strategies lose traction and how to remedy the situation with a ‘CX Fix It’.

Airbnb’s Experience Design (60min)
In this video interview, Airbnb’s director of experience Katie Dill, discusses the company’s approach to experience design, and how storyboarding real-world journeys is used to help Airbnb’s designers better understand and empathise with customers.

Tesla Takes Ownership (1-2min)
As Tesla prepares for the launch of its new Model 3 the company is taking steps to address a range of customer experience issues. As Tesla has no dealer network, customers are now able to escalate sales and service problems directly to company executives.

Lottery’s Campaign Fail (3-4min)
A cautionary tale for marketers about “…building ridiculous campaigns that push for unrealistic brand goals from target consumers who do not actually exist…’. And the solution… take an outside-in approach and really get to know your customers.