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Customer Experience News 77: The Customer-Centric CMO, Go-Jek & Future Retail

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Shaping the Customer-Centric CMO (3-4min)
Customer-centric companies such as Amazon, Sephora and Starbucks are outperforming their competitors and setting the standard when it comes to understanding and satisfying customer needs and expectations. This Harvard Business Review article sees the major challenge for CMO’s as ‘owning’ customer experience and leading their organisations in customer-centric transformation.

This week we rolled up our sleeves & mastered Customer Journey Mapping in Melbourne – and Melbourne you rocked! 100% energy, loved the enthusiasm & your trust in the process.

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‘Jobs to be Done’ Drives Innovation (2-3min)
With over 44 million mobile app downloads, Go-Jek’s success in Indonesia is based on understanding the logistical pain points customers experience in the country’s rapidly expanding cities, and constantly evolving to meet their customers’ needs.

Retailers Fast Forward to the Future (3-4min)
In the ‘Amazon Era’ retailers such as Nordstrom , Apple and Patagonia are looking to adapt their physical spaces to deliver experiences ahead of products. With a number of e-commerce brands, including Amazon, opening physical stores they appear to be on trend with evolving the in-store experience.