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Customer Experience News 97: Customer-Centric Culture, CX Budgets and Leadership

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4 Strategies to Inspire a Customer-Centric Culture (3min)
Even the most well-resourced customer experience program cannot succeed without employee buy-in across the business. This article from CustomerThink outlines four simple, yet powerful strategies for inspiring and empowering employees to create and deliver rewarding customer experiences.

Where to Spend Your CX Budget (3min)
Customer experience strategist Annette Franz tackles the difficult issue of where and how you should allocate your (often limited) customer experience program budget. With financial resources for CX initiatives often controlled by different departments within a business, these are the key items to be considered when planning and budgeting your CX strategy.

Top 20 Traits of CX Leaders (2min)
Companies that achieve customer experience excellence invariably have a commitment to customer-led leadership throughout the business, from the C-suite to the front line. In this article for Forbes, regular contributor Blake Morgan lists the Top 20 traits of customer experience leaders and how they impact an organisation’s CX performance.