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Customer Experience News 116: Bain CX Trends, Zappos Culture & Medibank

Alex Allwood Customer Experience, Customer Experience News, customer-centric culture, CX

Bain Reports on CX Tools and Trends (5min)
The results are in from Bain & Company’s first comprehensive, global analysis of customer experience tools and trends. Executives at over 700 companies were surveyed about 20 tools used to enhance customer experience and the likelihood of 25 different CX trends occurring by 2025.

How Zappos Creates Customer-Centric Culture (3-4min)
A visit to Zappos HQ so impressed this CX practitioner he’s listed the 40 lessons he learned about creating exceptional customer-centric culture and grouped them using elements of Uber Culture as a framework.

Customer Focus Improves Medibank’s Health (2-3min)
Medibank CEO Craig Drummond attributes a “substantial turnaround” in customer advocacy and retention to improvements in customer experience and shares details of the company’s customer strategy.