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Customer Experience News 196: Winning in the New World, Peter Fader on Loyalty & Customer Value and Emotional Intelligence

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Winning in the New World (5min)
A timely and in-depth article from the Australian Institute of Company Directors on how smart businesses can capitalise on the shifts in consumer behaviour brought about by the pandemic. References key takeouts from the latest consumer research and closes with six action points (for directors) that every marketing and CX lead should read.

Peter Fader Talks Loyalty with the Lab (5min)
Customer experience guru Dr Peter Fader shares his insights into loyalty programs and customer value in this in-depth interview with the Loyalty Science Lab. The interview covers topics such as ‘Managing High-End Customers’ and ‘The Value of Loyalty Program Data’ and ends with Fader’s two key recommendations for loyalty program managers.

Is Emotional Intelligence the New IQ? (3min)
In the current environment it’s worth revisiting the World Economic Forum’s prediction that by 2020, emotional intelligence (EI) would rank as one of the top 10 job skills. This article from Fast Company explains why and outlines seven of the the top reasons why candidates with high emotional intelligence are so valuable.