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Customer Experience News 233: Journey Mapping vs Touchpoint Mapping, CMOs Seat at the Table & Turning Customers into Profit Peaks

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Journey Mapping vs Touchpoint Mapping (2-3min)
An excellent read. This article for Customer Think takes a deep dive into the differences between customer journey mapping vs touchpoint mapping; as the author points out they are confusingly similar – but different. Although Alex recommends customer journey mapping as superior to other methods, she accepts that both provide a lens on the customer’s relationship from the customer’s perspective.

Keeping CMO’s Seat at the Table (3min)
This article for CMO doesn’t pull any punches. Gartner advises CMO’s that a marketing rethink is required to refocus efforts on establishing stakeholder connections, (customers, teams and suppliers), that will “foster resilience and speed growth.” Collaborating doesn’t cost money says Gartner, advising marketers to build “valuable connections over service-level and transactional relationships which marketers have often had in the past.”

Turning Customers into Profit Peaks (3min)
This article for HBR discusses the strategies for turning profit-drain customers into profit peaks starts by identifying three customer value types, for example, high-revenue, high-profit customers are “typically about 20% of the customers that generate 150% of their profits”. Using an innovative new set of digital transformation metrics, the opportunity to increase money-making customers is huge.