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Customer Experience News 240: Holiday Reading: Books That Inspire, Better CX Governance and US President’s CX Agenda

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Books That Inspire Me: Holiday Reading  (2min)
There are 4 books in particular that helped Alex shape the narrative and inspired her thinking for her latest book, Customer Empathy: A radical intervention in customer experience management and design. In this week’s post, Alex shares these books, inspiring author quotes, and how to apply and action these in your day-to-day CX practice. Time to plan your holiday reading.

Building Better CX Governance (2min)
This article for MyCustomer is written by Gartner. CX governance is the formalised and adopted processes, policies and standards which are critical in ensuring the CX strategy is delivered. According to Gartner 93% of leaders have some form of CX governance, but less than half authority within each department. They share their 3 ‘how-to’s’ which gets a big tick from Alex.

US President’s New Agenda: Strengthen CX (2min)
The White House has released its three priorities: employee experience, customer experience (CX), and managing the business of government.
This article for Forbes reviews the President’s vision document for managing the agenda. The first strategy, “Improve the service design, digital products, and customer experience management by reducing customer burden, addressing inequities, and streamlining processes.” A good read.