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Customer Experience News 239: CX Predictions 2022, HBR: Low-Profit Customers, What Successful CX Leaders Do

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Forrester: CX Predictions 2022 (2min)
Yes, it’s that time of the year again. We promise this article and Alex’s 2022 CX predictions, will be the only two posts of this type featured in Quickbite! A timely warning in this post from Forrester, “the current regulatory and economic landscapes require reevaluation of long-standing CX practices.”

The Potential in Low-Profit Customers (3min)
The question this HBR article addresses is what to do with your low profit and high resource-hungry customers? Customers that fall into this segment “…often amount to about 50–80% of customers and consume about 40–60% of the company’s costs.” An interesting perspective for CX folks who aren’t focused on high-value customer segments to deliver the greatest return on investment.

What Successful CX Leaders Think, Say, Do (2min)
Great post from Nancy Porte featured in Customer Think this week. The seven CX practices successful leaders are doing to align cross-functional teams to positively impact CX success. Our favourite practice from Nancy: when it comes to fixing customer issues, the focus is on correcting the root cause rather than just the symptoms.